It is with great delight and gratitude to God that I welcome you to the Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education (VTE). The faculty has had a very distinguished and accomplished history in University of Nigeria. the faculty has been blessed over the years with exemplary faculty and support staff that have demonstrated remarkable commitment and dedication in the discharge of their duties and have thus lifted the faculty into position of prominence nationally and internationally.

We are leaders in tertiary education provision in all major areas in Technical and Vocational Education and offers opportunities for both fresh and postgraduate students to achieve their dreams. The faculty comprises of Six Departments that offers six-degree programmes in Agric and Bio-resources Education, Business Education, Computer and Robotic Education, Home Economics and Hospitality Management Education, Industrial and Technical Education and Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education.

Each of the Departments has articulated its specific mission and objectives as well as the specifics of its academic programmes in line with the vision and mission of the University. All the programmes were crafted with a view to producing job-ready graduates in science, Technical and Vocational skills and capacity for independent thinking, creativeness and resourcefulness. The curricula of the programmes are unique, robust, current and comparable to the best in the world. They are designed not only to meet and surpass the basic academic standards prescribed by NUC but to equip our students thereby making them vocationally buoyant, intellectually resourceful and physically fit to emerge as leaders in their chosen disciplines and solution providers in areas of their future endeavors. The creation of Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education programme in the faculty is a big plus to the faculty and the University.

Our academic staffs are among the best nationally and are equally renowned globally and have been able to position our faculty consistently over the years as one of the best in the University. We do not just train professionals and leaders, but more crucially, empower our students to achieve their dreams and realize their potentials within a conducive and productive academic environment

The quality of our products speaks volume about our enviable pedigree in knowledge dissemination. We have trained not only career leaders but life-changers that made their marks in various spheres of life nationally and internationally.

My dear students, you have certainly come to the right place and my promise to you is that you will leave here better and well prepared to make your own contribution to society especially in major science technology and vocational sectors while achieving your aspirations. We have modern ICT-driven and interactive teaching/learning facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops, and a rare crop of eminent scholars, committed and highly motivated faculty and staff. These, coupled with the unique serene and green environment of University of Nigeria, will certainly make learning for you a pleasurable.

In this faculty, we hold strongly to our lofty ideals of positively transforming society, thus we seek young men and women who are motivated and eager to rediscover the world through knowledge of science technology and vocational education. I sincerely hope that you these young men who will make a difference in this science-vocational-technology environment.

The faculty is always ready to provide mentorship and support to her student, so do not hesitate to avail yourself the opportunity to tap from the considerable experience of our faculty and the other staff. The faculty academic handbook provides you with the overview of the academic programmes and specializations offered in the six departments of the faculty as well as the regulations and the rules of conduct in the faculty. It is my belief that your familiarity with the handbook will go a long way in informing you and enabling you to make the right choices geared towards achieving your goal of coming to University of Nigeria. Apart from what is contained in the concise handbook, further information can be obtained from the various departments in the faculty and from our hardworking, amiable, and supportive academic advisers.

Once more, I welcome you to the Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education where dreams become realities and future is assured.

Dean, Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education