Philosophy and scope

The mission of the faculty is in tandem with the land grant philosophy of the University. In keeping with its land grant ideal, the faculty academic programme were planned to meet manpower needs in Nigeria. This is the main driving motive behind the faculty. The faculty blended the land grant ideals represented by such institutions as Michigan State University (MSU). The over arching aim was to distill the best from orthodox universities and blend them with a peculiar Nigerian situation in other to evolve a programme relevant to the aims and aspiration of Nigeria. The faculty ‘ab initio’ lays emphases on academic excellence according to modern view of University Education.

The faculty in almost 3 years of existence has carried out investigations into quality researches into the prevailing practices, persistent problems and nagging issues in Technical and Vocational Education. A lot of studies has been conducted in contents and methodology in the areas of the Technical and Vocational Education.