About Us


We are the number one institution in Nigeria that offer training to individuals in the area of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The Faculty is made up of the following Departments:

  1. Agriculture and Bioresources Education
  2. Business Education
  3. Computer and Robotics Education
  4. Home Economics and Hospitality Management Education
  5. Industrial Technical Education
  6. Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education

We also undertake the training of artisans in the different workforce areas. The faculty also undertakes the training of youths in the different areas for governments. We offer training programmes for workers in different industries to improve their skills through our annual workshops and seminars.

The faculty, having being registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), runs the following businesses based on her curriculum:

  1. Garment Making Industry: We produce school uniforms, academic gowns,
    garments Ouvee/Comforters and other household linens.
  2. Bakery: The UNN VTE Bakery produces bread and different confectionaries.
  3. Block Moulding Industry: The faculty produces all forms of blocks, kerbs, etc.
  4. Poultry Farm and Fish Pond: We operate a farm and also a fish pond.
  5. Merchandizing Shop: We sell stationaries and general goods
  6. Computer Repair Shop:We undertake the repairs of all kinds of computers
    (laptops and desktops).

7. UNN Dining: We operate a restaurant named UNN Dinning.